I am a motivated entrepreneur who builds leaders. I train individuals across the country to be successful in sales, recruiting, and leadership. I work with a professional cosmetic company that also offers highly effective, harsh chemical free skincare. I am the leader of a 3 million dollar a month team. I am seeking individuals that are looking for flexible ways to make money on their own schedule. I excel in helping others see and reach their full potential. I am a dedicated, positive, goal driven mentor. I find great joy in helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.
Prior to marketing, I was an early childhood teacher for 10 years. I loved the children and the adventure working in a school system brought, but the job stress and low salary was not a great long term option for me. I wanted a to be compensated for my hard work and dedication. I also wanted more time freedom and to work on my own terms. As a wife of a college football coach, I wanted a more flexible schedule that allowed me to spend more time with my children.
I joined my company a little over a year ago in December of 2016. I was able to quickly hit the executive level in 45 days, and then hit the top of the company 15 days later. I replaced my teaching salary in the second month, and now enjoy being an entrepreneur full time.
I now enjoy working on my own terms while providing my family a stable income. I enjoy waking up everyday knowing I am able to help thousands of individuals reach their goals. I am happy to work with smart,strategic, business minded professionals daily.
Please email me with any questions at dana@danakeopple.com.