Attention: Moms!

Where are my Mommas?? This one's for you! ❤️❤️
I constantly have people tell me "I'm having a hard time, because of naysayers, people giving me a hard time, people making fun of me, and even the ones closest to me don't believe in me."
Trust me, I GET IT!!!! I have been there and still have haters, even after they have seen me change my life!! BUT, guess what... these two precious children in my lap are worth more than any hater!! I am willing to to do HARD things and face adversity for THEM!!
I do hard things for them not just so they can have "things," but also because I want to be an example for them! I want to teach them about hard work, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, reaching goals, and the magic of believing in yourself!! I want them to see me struggle, gather myself, and succeed! I want them to see me handle myself with haters, so they can do the same.
Simply telling our kids that they are awesome & can accomplish anything is great, but SHOWING them is better. Being vulnerable enough to let our children see us become better humans as we age is one of the biggest and best gifts we can give them.
So next time things get HARD, remember they are worth it and so are YOU!!

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