The 3 C’s

There are 3 ways you can help your friends who are in direct sales. The 3 C's.
 First, you can become a CONSULTANT!
-Partner with them in business, join in on the fun, maybe get a discount and make some money!


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Business Tips

Tip for being a leader in your home-based business: Be a coach and a cheerleader.
As a coach, you will be the one directing your team, recommending the plays, and giving them the game plan. Often you might need to...
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Giving Back

One of my favorite parts of LimeLight is being able to give back!
I have been blessed to donate to
Brighter Together Foundation
Children’s Hospital
Foster Kids in need
needy kids at the Kindergarten center<br...
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What If?

What if?
Instead of using your Birthday or Christmas money to buy an outfit that will go out of style, a pair of shoes that will sit at the bottom of your closet, or a piece of jewelry you'll forget about, you...
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