The 3 C’s

There are 3 ways you can help your friends who are in direct sales. The 3 C's.
 First, you can become a CONSULTANT!
-Partner with them in business, join in on the fun, maybe get a discount and make some money!
If that's not for you, you can become a CUSTOMER!
-Get the benefits of what they're offering, have top notch customer service, and feel good about helping your friend put groceries on the table.
If that's not for you, either, you can be a CONNECTOR!
-It's very likely you know someone who has a want or need that hasn't been met yet.  Share with them the products or services that your friends offer. Or you may know someone who could use an extra stream of income, share with them the opportunity so they can get a little help putting groceries on their table.
I am thankful for each of you and the special piece you have in my life and journey!!! Each of the 3 Cs have changed me and in turn changed many other lives ❤️❤️

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