Things to Consider in a Home-Based Business

A side hustle is an amazing way to create some extra income for your family. Take that vacation. Buy that dream home. Pay off debt.
But did you know not all are created equal? Here are 7 things to consider in a home-based business:
1. Is the industry sustainable?
• The makeup/skincare industry is a permanent and rapidly growing market.
2. Is the company credible?
• Alcone has been around for 65+ years providing incredible products for make-up artists.
3. Are the products consumable?
• The products are used and loved by customers and beauty guides alike.
4. Will the products bring value to your customers?
• Customers document visible changes in their skin with our skincare. I have seen countless women cry from the new-found confidence our makeup has given them.
5. Are you required to stock inventory or deliver products?
• Not with LimeLife. Our 100% web-based company houses our products and ships them directly to customers.
6. Will you need to have parties or ask friends to host?
• No parties required!
7. Is global expansion occurring?
• Yes, in the works as we speak! We have gone into a few countries and have more launches set over the next couple of years ( thanks L'Occitane partnership!)
Forbes says that MILLIONS of people will be looking for a way to make income from home. This is smart business in our rapidly changing economy. It is always a good time to consider LimeLife by Alcone!

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